Lennox Gastaut Syndrome



Hi, my name is Preston Weaver. I am 7 years old, and have Lennox Gastaut Syndrome. I started having seizures at about 5 months old, and despite numerous anti-epileptic medications, I have had seizures every single day of my life since. Currently I have about 60-80 a day. We have tried about 10-12 different medications, some have helped but we have yet to gain full seizure control. The seizures that I have cause regression and thus I am basically a 2 month old in a 7 year olds body, unable to walk, talk, or even hold my head up. Although there is so much I can’t do, there is also so much I CAN do! I can light up a room with my smile!! And I can turn any bad day into a great one with my sweet personality! I deserve a chance to do things I have never been able to do before. If we can stop the seizures, the possibilities are endless!!!


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