2017 Efforts

Our goals for the 2017 Georgia legislative session are to pass legislation which provides the following:

1.       More conditions – Many suffering patients were excluded from HB 1.  The list of qualifying conditions should be based on research and doctor certification, not legislators’ opinions about which conditions are severe enough to have access.   HB 65 was introduced in January 2017 to add the following conditions:  Autism, AIDS/HIV, Alzheimer’s, PTSD, Tourette Syndrome, Intractable Pain

2.       In-state cultivation – HB 1 does not provide a means to access cannabis oil, leaving desperate families to fend for themselves and incur undue financial hardship traveling to other states just to get their medicine, breaking federal law in the process.  We need a safe, regulated, tested, local product that all patients can access.  This is why Representative Allen Peake has introduced HR 36 which would get this onto the ballot in 2018 (the next election that allows a constitutional amendment) so that we can let the voters decide!

Here are some helpful links:

Summary of 2017 Legislation

HB 65 full text

HR 36 full text

SB 16 full text (We do NOT support this bill because it only adds one condition (autism) and reduces the max THC level from 5% to 3% which is unacceptable!)

Please help us by contacting your legislators to ask for their support!  Every email, phone call or visit to the Capitol DOES make a difference.

We know that over 70% of Georgia citizens support an in-state cultivation model, so legislators responsible for making our laws and any potential opponents need to be reminded that they are going against the will of the majority of our citizens if they don’t support this effort.