For Everyone

Everyone can help this cause!  Please contact your Georgia state legislators to ask for their support of medical cannabis legislation.   If you don’t know which Senator and Representative are from your district, click here to find out.  Both calling and emailing will double your voice!

For Patients

If you or a loved one could benefit from medical cannabis and you’d like to be more involved in this effort, please email us!

For Interested Donors

Please consider donating to the one of these charitable organizations:

Journey of Hope – This fund was set up to help families of children with seizures with the expense of getting to another state where medical cannabis is legal in order to set up a temporary residence there.  Now the funds are being used to help our Georgia medical refugees with the cost of moving back home.

Oil for Epilepsy – This organization’s mission is to provide the necessary resources that will allow physicians, families and patients to properly administer cannabis oil treatments for children suffering from epilepsy.   They are working to build a coalition of physicians that are dedicated to the advancement of cannabis oil treatments, while simultaneously providing patients and their families with the resources and financial support to ensure access to this life saving treatment.