West Syndrome



This is Caden Grant Clark. A big name for a big boy. Caden came into this world right at 11 lbs. — that became his problem. Not having been delivered quickly enough, his size combined with maternal hemorrhaging and loss of consciousness, Caden suffered lack of oxygen, shoulder dystocia and a broken nose. We later understood that Caden was having infantile spasms immediately. In hindsight he was having one in the first hospital pictures. We didn’t know that until he was fully diagnosed with West Syndrome at 2 months old.

Caden’s diagnosis has evolved to Lennox Gastaut Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and Autism. While we have enjoyed the gold standard of neurological care, Caden just hasn’t been on the receiving end of the goodness of “hope.” His treatments have included, 2 rounds of high-dose steroids to try and stop the spasms but that only induced a suppressed immune system and the inability to sweat until he was 6 years old. We were also told during this time by the hospital that his seizures were a result of vaccines injury, as he’d had his vaccinations 24 hours before all hell broke loose. So, no more vaccines for Caden, ever, per neurologist, pediatrics, and infectious disease doctors.

While having no immune system, Caden has been on 20 different medicine combinations (side effects that caused him to lose the ability to walk, one that made his skin so red it looked like it burned, crying, terrible mood swings, constant screaming, nausea, dental issues, vision issues, leg cramps, excruciating headaches, insomnia, toxicity, constipation, dizziness, and hemorrhoids.) 2 different doctor prescribed diets that mimic starvation to control seizures, and two different brain surgeries. One was a Corpus Callosotomy (severing the two hemispheres of the brain) the other, a right front lobectomy (removal of the front, right portion of his brain) Which resulted in a post operative stroke.

So you see, the results of “hope” have been complicated for our boy.

We did experience some mild and temporary successes but Caden still suffers. His prognosis is very poor. He meets what is called “expiration age” in children like him and we were out of options. Until cannabis! Until Heather Jackson talking about Zaki, ignited my broken, hardened heart. Hearing her say, “at 10 years old, I’m meeting my son for the first time!” was just enough to help me consider hoping again.

Please understand that for parents like us, Hope has become a very dangerous thing. How many more times can our family hope and survive? Caden’s brother Jackson said it best, “If we love him how can we not?” Then his oldest brother, Austin says, “As many times, as long as it takes!” The most surprising one, his brother, Cameron said, “We fight, we never stop. Even if it’s hard!” And for us, they are their baby brother’s voice, for now!

What we hope from cannabis? That this really is “Caden’s Hope” at last…

When we choose his name Caden we didn’t know how much it would come to define him. In Celtic it means “warrior or warrior for God” He is that indeed and so much more. Our little boy in there. Locked inside, behind seizures and medications. He is there! Caden is strong without measure. He loves pretty girls and finds himself to be quite handsome! When asked our greatest goal for Caden’s life, it is and will always be the same — the ability to exchange emotions. To give and receive love. Our Caden gives us, “I oovee oouu” (I love you!) Caden is sick but because of him we are better. Thats is why we want this oil so badly for him. Because he already healed us… That’s is who our Caden is.

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