Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy




Britlyn is a beautiful 6 year old little girl. Britlyn is a twin from a twin to twin transfusion syndrome pregnancy. At birth she was diagnosed with an amputated limb and a week later diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. She was born just 2 lbs 9oz and her sister 2 lbs 2oz. Britlyn developed hydrocephalus and at 8 weeks old and 4lbs underwent a shunt placement brain surgery. Needless to say her first year was challenging not only to her but to her parents as well. At two years old Britlyn was diagnosed with intractable seizures. Since her parents didn’t realize her getting “spooked” were actually seizures she had been having them since she was a year old.

Britlyn still struggles with not only her physical disabilities and seizures. She fights to learn in school because of the many pharmaceutical drugs she takes to attempt to control her seizures. Our wish for Britlyn is to have the opportunity to get off pharmaceutical drugs and get on medical cannabis oil in hopes of being able to learn, progress and have a better quality of life.

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